Due to the recent changes in federal and state laws regarding JWH and synthetic canniboids, it is my belief that it is impossible not to be violating federal or state laws if you purchase any JWH,AM,RCS or sythetic canniboid.  Simply said, that you have no control as to where your parcel may come from or the states it may travel through.  With each states laws being diffrent you cant assume you are not breaking a law by ordering a JWH that may currently be legal in your state(its called INTERSTATE drug trafficing)..  What this means is that you can be in violation of state and federal laws if your parcel simply passes through one of the many states that has a banned JWH(etc), above and beyond the current federal bann.  So you think you might go ahead and order from a overseas vendor and get around the interstate drug trafficing laws, WRONG!!  You cant control the point of entry of your JWH(etc) and therefore your parcel can travel via more restictive states.   You can also not assume that the country from which you are ordering from doesnt have banns on exportation of the JWH chemicals, almost every single county does have banns on threse chemicals.  China is one country that is know to export these chemicals everyday, these same companies neglect to tell you that what they are doing is illegal, so you are now part of an illegal conspiracy, even if you are unaware of international banns.  You also have no way to tell if you are buying SPICE or K2 from a local head shop if it is legal in your state, because you cant count on these people making SPICE and k2 to list what they are using as being "50 state" legal, obviously this is not possible with todays laws that can literally change daily.




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